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Ladies, Gentlemen, and the young sir who seems to take offence to my profession, dishonourable as it may be.

While it's not normally my business to interfere with your fanciful games... I could be persuaded to know where that flag is, as - if I'm not mistaken - Doppelgangers and company still do not have the faintest idea.

What say you? I'll even throw this lovely rock in for you.
got a secret

Dead Monkey Time

After just a little bit of convincin' I got a nice tip, kids. It appears our opponents' flag was handed over ta the monkeys. This is good news and bad news. First of all, no amount of torturin' persuasion can be used ta find it, however, they can't defend it when they don't know where it is themselves. I'm also sensin' a rather annoyin' pattern here, although I ain't complainin' since I get my shark fin soup now.

So oh revered Doppelganger Leader-types, ya gonna lead the group or just nitpick the galley food?
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I saw cluck-cluck-san today! I wanna be a chiken! It wuld be so much fun! 

Wat are we doing for the next game? =D I kinda took a long nap and Island-san sed I slept threw a lot but I won shinnies!! YAY!

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Botan-san! Stephen Colbert-san! Watanuki-san! Chacha-san!







I think I have come up with an excellent plan to begin this flag game! Please meet me in the cabin right away!
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Alright, team! Since this is such a large group, we've decided that everyone needs a new position to keep you all in line.

The most coveted positions are;

Flag Liberator
Team President

Be quick, and tell us which position you want. We can't guarantee that any of them will be given to you if you don't move f~a~s~t~.

Everyone else, you may continue preparing for your defeat.

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I'm not in a team with Stephen Colbert-kun anymore, but I think that's okay! Don't worry - I will win in your honor! Your memory will remain alive!

As for the new members of my team - Hi!! I'll be your class group president, since I have experience on that. I hope we will all have fun!
Bo: Oh noooooes



I don't understand!! How could this happen again?! WHERE IS THAT BEAGLE JERK?! I know you're out there somewhere laughing at me!! When I find you I'm going to drag you back here and this place will make you SUFFER!

TWO TIMES!! TWO TIMES you've sent me here! I had to kick for an hour and a half to get out of the darn box!! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!