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Living Island

Never Dies

Living Island Musebox
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This game is invitation only. Feel free to watch the shenanigans but if you wish to join, you must contact us, The Island, or a member of this community. We'll probably just want to see some of your old threads before sending an invite your way.

Living Island has been around since August of 2005 on Greatest Journal and recently went through a long hiatus with the Greatest Journal crash. Next the game was moved to Live Journal and reborn as Living Island; Bon Voyage! The latest reincarnation of Living Island is a musebox, we shall call it Living Island Never Dies!

If you're here, that means someone's let you know about our little corner of the universe! In this game, you may join as any character from any TV Show, Movie or Book that you might choose. All players end up stranded on an island in the middle of who-knows-where with no apparent means of escape. Even logical means, such as building a ship and sailing off into the sunset, will not be options - though you can try! There are any number of problems that you will have to deal with including but not limited to; ghosts, monsters, plants, animals and of course your fellow islanders!

Living Island is not a serious game, so don't worry about thinking up extended and complicated plots. We do, however, expect all characters to remain in character at all times. We encourage (and expect) you to create humorous situations and once you've begun it's easy to get into the swing of things. This game has very little point aside from winning fabulous prizes such as staying in the nice cabin or the soap-on-a-rope (someone won't have to stink!). Otherwise no holds barred, make it funny and don't get bored.
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